Get set and in the groove

Finally taking time to do some setup in order to have things ready when I want to record the instruments I have handy. In the box recording is not an issue. My acoustic instruments on the other hand…

I’m using Studio One for my DAW work. Great software with full support for the controllers I have available. Additionally, the Studio One RC iPad app helps control recording and simple editing from a distance away from my studio Mac mini.

Example: Today I set levels, etc. for recording hammered dulcimer. The instrument is only 5′ away from the Mac mini, but that’s too far for me to get smooth entrances and exits when recording. This is where the app comes in handy.

I set a 2 measure count-in to give me time to get set and in the groove. With the iPad placed just an arm’s length away, I tap Record in the app and wait for my entrance. When finished playing, I tap Stop. Then I tap the Normalize button and play to audition the recording. If needed (as it does often) to delete the track and record again, I tap the Delete button. The audio track is emptied and made ready for re-recording.

Why normalize right away? The pickups I’m using on the hammered dulcimer do not produce a lot of volume. Tone quality is very good. I record at about 80% full volume set on my interface input. This still produces a faint volume. Admittedly, I need to spend more time to see if adding some sort of volume boost effect.

Having things set up and ready to go will make things run much smoothly here.

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