NS Alto

Practice Journal: January 25, 2021

I started using a practice guide designed by Dr. Wally Wallace recently. Wallace takes a “practice less (material), but more focused” approach. He’s designed a practice guide and a monthly practice guide, focusing on tone and control. His videos are concise and witty. What more can one ask?


I practiced much of the January guide this am. Spent about an hour.

In the overtone section, all came OK except for the 2nd overtone of low B when coming from low C. Coming from low C#, it pops out fine. So, will continue. Probably a voicing issue.

In the melodic section (“Scarboro Fair”), I’m able to get through the first 4 staves. Beyond that, my embouchure weakens. So, will continue to work on breath and long tones and continue to work on this exercise.


The new alto is fantastic. I’m happy that I purchased a better quality (Kessler Handmade Nickel Silver). It just feels better in the hands.

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