Small studio workspace success!

I’ve been shuffling my studio space around ever since we moved into this house 3 years ago. It’s a much smaller space than I had in our previous house, and I found that no matter what I did the room just seemed cluttered and cramped.

Recently, I moved the desk I had been using out of the room, sold my computer and went with a dual iPad configuration. This really helped to alleviate the cluttered and crowded feel to the room. But it left me looking for another desktop which I can use to with my typing and music keyboards.

Today, I received a small standing desk converter unit and couldn’t be happier. It brings my keyboards into a proper position and still keeps the small footprint I was looking for.

I can raise the unit up when I want to practice standing. It can be lowered for use while sitting.

One of the neat discoveries is that I can use both the Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad with the iPad. Really makes the shift from computer to tablet use only a breeze.

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