Garden and live forever

Yesterday, as my wife and I were eating dinner, I realized we have not had many good tomatoes this year. And it’s the end of August, so end of season for good tomatoes.

Blame could be attributed to the stay-at-home policy of our house during the COVID-19 Pandemic. You know, taking care of ourselves while taking care of others.

We’ve mostly ordered in grocery delivery, so have not personally picked much of our food for 6 months. While the process has been largely successful and satisfactory for us, personally choosing food in the grocery allows for much more control over what we end up with.

The realization about missing good tomatoes led me to a decision to start growing vegetables again next Spring.

I’ve researched raised bed construction and will be ordering appropriate wood in September and start the build of two to four raised beds. I’m building the beds in the Fall so they will be ready to go in the Spring.

Tomatoes, lettuce, green onion, carrots, peppers… the standard Midwest fair to start. As I do more research I’ll add more. I am planning to start plants from seeds in our covered patio. So, we’ll see what comes. Interesting to see what the seed catalogs have in store for this endeavor.

Garden as though you will live forever. – William Kent

One thought on “Garden and live forever

  1. I’m sure you will enjoy your raised beds, and I think you are wise to build them this fall and get them filled as well. I think even more people will be gardening next spring, and those that started this year may expand the number of beds, so supplies may be even shorter then. Check out a Pinetree seed catalog. They have a huge selection, and because their packet size is smaller (perfect for a two-three person family) less expensive. I’m in Indiana, and have used their seed for years with great success. It allows me to grow a wider variety of crops on a budget.

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