Comfortable shoes and the freedom to leave

I’ve not published new music in many months. In the past, if I didn’t release a full piece, I would at least publish several short snippets of pieces I was “working on” every week or so. Not recently though. Why?

A huge reason was the sense that what I had been releasing for many months was not very substantial. Not fundamental to what I wanted to produce. More filler than anything. Hence the need to rethink and a refocus.

“Comfortable shoes and the freedom to leave
are the two most important things in life.” 
― Shel Silverstein

I took a year and a half or so to learn several new instruments and to revisit some that I have played in the past (mandolin, Chapman Stick, various saxophones, hammered dulcimer, and a lot of electronic kit). For those wondering what remains: a few pieces of Elektron gear, a baroque recorder, and a James Jones hammered dulcimer. Best of worlds.

More to come.

Important things, after all.

EDIT: Elektron kit is gone. In their place, an Akai FORCE. Awesome standalone groove box. Also, adding back mandolin. Love the portability of mandolin.

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