Dormant Far Too Long

Neglect. Forgetfulness. Life changes. No matter the reason, I’ve let my online sites lay dormant far too long.

Yesterday, I started the update and refresh of my Bandcamp site. Removing outdated tracks. Changing out cover art. Realizing that the mix of an 8-year old release had pretty poor mastering and hence moving those into a re-mix/master phase.

In turn, this led me to look at my Vimeo and Youtube sites. Same updates to cover art, etc. Over 10K views at Youtube, so need to focus a bit there. Vimeo has much less, but I really do love the Vimeo video player.

I am puzzled at what I’m going to do with my Soundcloud page. Possibly will keep that for more experimental pieces – ideas in development.

Motivated at present.

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